If you can’t beat ’em….

… Then you may as well join ’em…. Or so the saying goes.

So with the World Cup coming up…. An evening photographing a football match at Newcastle United Football Club in aid of RVI Tiny Lives was a great opportunity to try my hand at a bit of sports photography.

All in a good cause..

It’s harder than it looks believe me! In fact it was a whole new ‘ball game’ if you pardon the pun!!

I had a plan… To pick an end of the pitch and photograph the action….

… Mmmmm… That might have worked if the action had actually been at the end of the pitch that I’d picked!!

My lens wasn't long enough to capture the action from this end of the pitch!

My lens wasn’t long enough to capture the action… So I moved on to Plan B …. Move around a bit… Well… Move around a lot actually!

After about 15 minutes I was a complete ball of sweat… I had dressed in warm clothing expecting to be cold just patrolling a small part of the pitch… I reckon I did just as much running around as some of the players to capture the action…

Yea... That's more like it...

Yea… That’s more like it…

It was quite an exciting match I suppose… Between the Tesco Geordies and the Tesco Mackems…

It was good to see the Tesco Mackems face down in the mud once or twice…

A Tesco Mackem flat out on the  hallowed turf of NUFC..

A Tesco Mackem flat out on the hallowed turf of St. James’ Park..

It was also quite funny at points…

Football ... Or boxing?

Football … Or boxing?

I have to say I’m not a real footie fan… Such a lot of pointless jumping up in the air for my liking…


…Although some of the tackles were pretty good.. The Tesco Geordies were trying hard to keep the possession…


'Wor baall! That's Geordie for 'Our ball'

‘Wor baall! Or ‘Our ball’

Some good ball skills on display on the night too .. 🙂

Both feet off the floor.. Never gonna work really

Both feet off the floor.. Never gonna work really

It all seemed to pass really quickly… The whistle blew and the rain started… It was already like a big mud bath out there..

Wouldn't want to have to wash that kit!

Wouldn’t want to have to wash that kit!


And the final result …

2-0 to the Tesco Geordies!

First time NUFC have won at home in ages!! 🙂 🙂