One test at a time

It’s been 62 days since I last had an alcoholic drink. And I’m still counting.

New Year always presents us with the opportunity for resolutions. Most I would wager don’t last very long. I’ve made a few empty “promises” to myself over the years to do more of this, or less of that.

In our busy lives, these “promises” tend to get lost pretty quickly.

So, on 1.1.2019 when I said “I’m doing #DryJanuary”, in my own head I knew that by 27th January this would most likely be a very “WetJanuary.”

Test 1

I had a big birthday party to go to on 27th January – and the alcohol would be flowing.

The chances of me sticking out #DryJanuary were slim, to be honest.

The first couple of weeks I’ll admit we’re a bit tough. When it got to about 5pm, we were starting to prepare the evening meal, I’d usually have either a G&T in my hand or a glass of Merlot.

It was just a “habit” really – a cycle, which needed to be broken and replaced by something else.

It may sound boring but drinking 500ml of tap water at 5pm did the trick. Even when my husband had a G&T or a glass of Merlot, I stuck to my 500ml of tap water. Horses for courses I guess.

Even smelling a glass of red wine by day 21 did not entice me into having a glass – by then it smelt like vinegar to me (I don’t like vinegar).

The party night arrived and I was fully expecting that being around people drinking would tip me over the edge – but it didn’t – I stuck to black currant and lemonade and went home that evening feeling pretty smug with myself.

I never really used to get hangovers after I’d had a drink – occasionally maybe if I’d really had far too much. Usually the after effects of a few drinks was a bit of a thick head and being a bit sluggish.

I. do. not. miss. feeling. like. that.

I wake up every morning now with a clear head. I swear that my skin looks much better – less puffy and fewer wrinkles. I think this is the combination of not drinking alcohol and drinking a lot more water.

I drink about 1 litre of water a day now. Historically I hardly drank any and was always dehydrated. I feel soooooo much better.

I realise that I’m probably sounding a little evangelical now – so I’ll leave it at that, save for one more thing:

If you are thinking of giving up alcohol for whatever reason, I’d say, yes it is tough to begin with but after a while the benefits of not drinking make the thought of slipping back and having a glass of wine or whatever unthinkable.

What have your experiences been of giving no up alcohol? I’d love to know.

#Alcohol #AlcoholFree #Sober #DryJanuary

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