Want to live longer?

You betcha!

One of the ways to help you achieve this I learnt today was to have a good network of friends. We take having friends pretty much for granted – but people with autism find it much more difficult to make and keep friends, and as a result can feel particularly lonely and isolated.

I have just begun volunteering at Friends Action North East – (FANE)  and today was my induction. The group have been supporting adults with learning disabilities and autism to build and maintain friendships in and around Newcastle upon Tyne since 2004.

A little group exercise exploring the difficulties people with autism might face when deciding to meet a friend

People with autism face many barriers when making sustainable friendships – finding accessible venues is one of them. To help combat this, FANE has an on-line rating system called NEAR (North East Accessibility Rating – a bit like Trip Advisor) which encourages people to rate and review venues across the region – but with a strong focus on accessibility information, service and the whole experience.

My role as a volunteer will be to help with the website and NEAR, designing posters for FANE events,  and getting the message out on Twitter.

I’m looking forward to getting started properly next week. If you are on twitter and are feeling generous today – please give Friends Action NE a little follow on Twitterhere’s the link

A few re-tweets every now and then wouldn’t go amiss either …….   thanks! 🙂





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