Lights, Camera, Action!

I would love my own photo studio at home, but I live in a terraced house that just doesn’t have the space to allow that little luxury unfortunately.

That’s why most of my portrait shoots tend to be ‘outdoor’ photo shoots. I like to connect my subjects to a place that they love – the park, the beach… wherever is special to them.

If I lived somewhere warm – I could do outdoor portrait shoots throughout the entire year!

The North of England – a mile from the beach, can start to get pretty chilly from November – April. Coats and hats need to be put on, taken off, put back on again and I have to be really quick on the shoot…… Mind ‘Northerners’ are pretty tough cookies and are often seen without coats on a night out in Newcastle!


A dining room tends to be my preferred ‘go to’ spot for re-arranging if I want to do an indoor shoot during the colder months. It takes a bit of re-arranging of furniture, but it can be done.

I tend to just use one Studio light with a white umbrella that I shoot through and it gets a really nice effect. Here’s a few that I took recently.


If you fancy a mini photo shoot in your own home – all I need is something like 4-5ft behind the subject (with less clutter the better) plus about 4-5ft in front of the subject, something for the subject to sit on and finally maybe you’d like to add a few props (a book, cuddly toy etc) and then away we go!

To book – please email

Take a look at my website for prices.


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