I’ve become a bit of a flasher!

Before you get the wrong idea …. I mean using flash photography !

Until very recently I have avoided using a flash when taking photographs like the plague – I have dabbled with it, but generally the results haven’t been that pleasing to be honest.

Rabbits in headlight and harsh shadows are generally what spring to mind when people mention flash photography – so I have stuck to natural light on the whole.

When I ‘broke free’ from full time 9-5 work almost a year ago, my colleagues bought me a snazzy Canon flash as a leaving gift. I initially thought that I would make great use of it photographing a steel sculpture that was being made by Ray Lonsdale in his workshop.

The workshop was pretty dark and had some challenging light conditions to overcome. Tungsten light mixed with natural light coming through the doors mixed with harsh sunlight streaming through the roof lights, mixed with the sculptor welding. Adding flash to the mix was just a step too far for me to be honest! The ISO went up a bit, I used a tripod and the aperture was widened – it worked.


So the snazzy flash has been pretty much in its box for 9 months …. until recently that is.

Way back in the spring I was asked to photograph a joint 50th ‘cowboy’ style private birthday party which was being held in a local civic centre theatre, in the evening, in September with very low level lighting…. and not only that …. the light that there was just happened to be a mixture of red and green spotlights 😦

There would be zero opportunity for natural light photos – flash was a must. So after a lot of background reading on my friend ‘Mr Google’ plus several practice shots with my hubby and a friend, I felt confident that I could do it and wouldn’t end up having to convert them to black and white …. *sigh of failure to get a decent image*

The client (and me) were over the moon with the end results.


Flush from the success of 4 hours of flash photograph and 175 images later, like this guest I “wanted” more 🙂

I thought I’d try outdoor flash photography mixed with natural light… in the form of an after school photo shoot at the beach.

I usually rely on my hubby wielding a reflector to get catch lights in a clients eyes, or if I’m doing a studio style portrait, the studio lights adding them. Otherwise the eyes look a bit ‘dead’…..


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


With the after school shoot, trying to ‘direct’ two children and not ending up with the reflector in the sea, I opted for my snazzy flash again.

And boy was I chuffed with the results – it gave a real ‘pop’ to the shot – and I will deffo use it again on future photo shoots.

If you would like a photo shoot, pop over to my website for prices

To book one – my email address is info@alisonspedding.co.uk

I also do vouchers, which last for 6 months if you fancy buying one for a gift 🙂

Christmas is coming 🙂


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