The Island of Lost Souls

Actually that should read The Island of Lost Soles – because we found an awful lot of them on the beach clean today! There must be a whole bunch of people running around with no shoes on somewhere…..

Anyhow – this was only my second beach clean – but I plan on doing more.









This one was organised by Linda Lambert who I met in the Low Lights Tavern last weekend. We got chatting and next thing you know, Keith and I are signed up to join her beach clean at 8:15am the following Saturday.. very persuasive lass.











Yeah, a little bit on the early side – but driven by the tides – we needed to be able to walk on the beach. I recruited my friend and neighbour Katie with her dog Tara – it was a glorious day and we met some lovely people.


Safety info brief by Linda out of the way, followed by the obligatory “Group Shot” before we set off – even got one this time with me in it – not many of those around ….

“Spot the difference quiz” – guess which one is me!

Linda billed this event as it was actually “a pretty clean beach” – and on first impressions, it did look fairly clean ….  till we started to look a bit harder!

A few more of Linda’s friend’s arrived – and we realised we knew two of them – Cat and Melvyn – the latter clearly not wanting his photo taken….. spoil sport Melvyn…

Cat had been on a different beach close by – and manged to bag herself the “find of the day” – the biggest pair of mens underpants in the world! We took her word for it though, as nobody wanted to confirm her claim!

Nobody escapes me – I caught Melvyn later showing Keith stuff he planned on keeping!

Everybody got stuck in – the rocks were the place where most of the litter was – the risk of rats didn’t stop us … well, didn’t stop the blokes – they were right in there!

The ‘sniffer’ dogs helped out too!


For a small, “clean beach” we sure collected a lot of rubbish!

Totally shocked to read from the Surfers against Sewage leaflet when I got home that marine litter kills 100,000 marine mammals and a million sea birds each year.

Each year, Earth Day—April 22—marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970 – I think we did our little bit to make it a cleaner one in 2017.

Well done Linda for organising this one on the North Shields Fish Quay sands!



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