Wow! A ‘Free’ lunch…

Well you all know “There’s no such thing as a free lunch right?”

Apparently not … the promise of a free lunch and a glass of wine in Newcastle was all my hubby needed to get him to don a white shirt, his suit trousers and frock coat.

Little did he know I had an ulterior motive …

Before he got his “free lunch” he had to pose (his words not mine) “at an endless number of locations” (*sigh) that I had secretly jotted down on a scrap of paper several days before.

My reason for wanting to frog march him (wasn’t just because I was pretty hungry too!) around Newcastle city centre was basically to scout out some suitable locations for an up-coming photo shoot.

I met Clare and Richard Talbot-Jones of Talbot Jones Risk Solutions a while back and they very kindly put me in touch with a firm of Independent Financial Advisors who wanted some “Meet the team” photos for their website.

Strange how having left the world of ‘finance’ and dealing with IFA enquiries, one of my first photographic assignments would be … for an IFA… Serendipity perhaps?

I needed a backdrop that would ‘fit’ with the IFA’s website – so off we went in search….

It was a pretty cold day in Newcastle and the hubster’s nose was starting to turn just a ‘little’ on the pink side by the time we got to the High Level Bridge…. so we moved quickly on…


After a brief pause outside the Laing Art Gallery … where you’ll notice he’s put his gloves and cardy on… (“Bless” … and yet calls himself a ‘Geordie’???)


… we headed across the road and indoors to Newcastle library. I wasn’t sure if they allowed photography, but having checked … phew .. they did!

Waaaarmth…. my lucky day!!

And so many great spots for a photo too … result!

… and then off to Café Rouge we marched for his “free” lunch (and wine)!

And for those of you counting – that was just three locations – men do exaggerate!



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