“Distant Voices” – ‘Ordinary’ People – Extraordinary Stories

Less than a week now until my audio/visual exhibition opens at The Old Low Light Heritage Centre.

It opens on the 70th Anniversary of VE Day – 8 May until 25 May.

Photographs and recordings of local people as they share memories of what life was like during WW2 and it’s immediate aftermath in the North East.

Some of the stories are funny… Others are really emotional…

Open 10-4pm (not open Wednesday’s)
Best to call them first to check availability.
Tel 257 4506

£2 entrance fee (free to under 16’s) that gets you access to the exhibition and also the Heritage Display on the first floor.

Here is a short audio clip of 91 year Old Jack Watson as he talks about being a “D-Day Dodger” … It’s not what you might think…

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