It pays to volunteer….!

Mmmmm …. I can’t recall the last time I volunteered to do anything! If ever in fact…

My father was in the Royal Air Force and pretty much instilled in me to ‘Never Volunteer’… he was referring to being on parade at events – basically because he thought it was boring – so when they were picking men to be on parade he would slouch and stick his belly out – so he never got picked…. it seemed to work for him…

Anyhow – I am a recent convert to Twitter and spotted that this weekend was #GreatBritishBeachClean – so I signed up my husband Keith and I to help clean and record the rubbish that we found on our local beach – Tynemouth Longsands.

It’s a lovely beach which we use a lot as it is only about a mile from our house – either for just walking on, taking the Grandchildren to, the occasional kayak trip – Keith has even tried surfing there – it’s a great place for photographing too.

Keith trying out surfing
Keith trying out surfing
Always good for a 'plodge' in the sea
Always love a ‘plodge’ in the sea

So it only seemed right really that since we use it so much – we should volunteer to tidy it up and see what sort of rubbish naughty people leave behind them….

We teamed up with a couple of other volunteers we met on the day – Geraldine and Liz to pick up and record the rubbish as we combed the beach…

Deciding what we'd found in order to correctly categorise it...
Deciding what we’d found in order to correctly categorise it…

We found a lot of bits of polystyrene cups and cigarette ends – which just re-enforces what I already know – coffee and smoking are not good!!

We found tin cans, metal spoons, plastic forks, sweet wrappers, cotton buds, bits of rope, bottle tops – even a dead fish wrapped in string…

Dead fish on the beach..
Dead fish on the beach..

The worst thing we found though was a plastic bag – nasty… nasty… nasty!

"One use" plastic bag - ban them!
“One use” plastic bag – ban them!

All of which we carefully recorded and submitted for further analysis by @mcsuk  along with our bag of rubbish for disposal properly – before heading home with a warm glow of satisfaction at a job well done….

Recording every item of rubbish carefully...
Recording every item of rubbish carefully…

And …. as I said at the start of this blog “It pays to volunteer…!” In more ways than one because I found £10 on the pavement on the way home!!

It pays to volunteer
It pays to volunteer

I think it was an omen…. 🙂

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