All that glitters….

After the success of my “Distant Voices Exhibition” – I need a new project to work on – I’ve got rather a taste for exhibiting my work!

For the time being however, it’s back to a bit of Close Up Photography … It’s like ‘comfort food’ to me….

I love working with my light box – well…plural … light boxes actually …. as I am the proud owner of two now!

What decadence!

I was asked by Sarah and her company who make amongst other things, some beautiful exquisite Hair Vine Jewellery, to take some website images.

Sarah currently sells her unique products via her own website, but now wants to expand and sell on other specialised sites – so she needs some professional close up images to display her products.

Hair vine by
Hair vine by
Hair vine by
Hair vine by

The websites have pretty strict requirements on consistency of backgrounds, size, lighting and style – but nevertheless it was still great fun to photograph…..

Hair vine by
Hair vine by


I tried a variety of backgrounds – plain white, black, a grey slate even on a mirror.

A few ‘test’ shots for Sarah to find the style she wanted and I was off….


Hair vine by
Hair vine by


You would think that it is easy to photograph an inanimate object wouldn’t you… ha… that’s where you’d be wrong!

Believe it or not, it does actually take quite a bit of patience to photograph in a light box…. Even when the object cannot talk back to you or complain about having to be still for long periods of time!

Every little speck of dust, hair or slight imperfection will be visible in the close up image – so I have a magnifying glass, an air blower and small paintbrush to ‘clean’ it up before I start shooting. I feel like a Doctor performing an operation at times!

It’s much quicker and easier to get it right ‘in-camera’ than to have to tidy up every image in “Lightroom” or “Photoshop” afterwards when I view it on my colour monitor and find an annoying ‘stray hair’ or a ‘bit of fluff’!

As my Granny would say …. it’s all about preparation …. “99% preparation and 1% perspiration”….. Granny was in fact correct on this occasion!

I think the end result is really good – the images show off the detail and intricate work of her handmade pieces beautifully – all she needs now are some shots of what they will look like ‘in situ’ so to speak…. placed in the hair … and I’m sure she will sell lot’s of them….

Hair vine by
Hair vine by

Perfect for a wedding or special occasion…..

They look so good in fact – I’m tempted to buy one myself actually!


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4 thoughts on “All that glitters….

    1. I know! They looked so delicate….I was scared to touch them at first in case I broke them when I was positioning them in the light box …. But they were so well put together I shouldn’t have worried. They really are beautiful… I want one!! 🙂

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