California Dreaming….

Well California certainly was different…. Chilled out and very relaxed…..

We went to celebrate the wedding of our friends Jeannine and Graham… And of course to take a ‘few’ photographs along the way!

Santa Monica Beach
Santa Monica Beach

It was sun, sea and sand in abundance…. Relentless in fact… We have the sea and the sand at home in Tynemouth… But it was lovely to have some sun on our bodies at last.

I just loved walking along the beach from Marina Del Rey to Santa Monica – a bit of a trek (2 hours in fact)… And in true British style we always seemed to manage to set of at mid-day… As they say like ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun’.

I only hope I managed to shed a few pounds in the process of all this exercise!

‘Fat chance’ (so to speak 🙂 ) I expect … given all the delicious meals that we ate whilst there…

Mmmmm... Breakfast!
Mmmmm… Breakfast!
Mmmmm... Lunch!
Mmmmm… Lunch!
Mmmmm.... Snacks!
Mmmmm…. Snacks!
Mmmmm... Dinner!
Mmmmm… Dinner!

… Yeah … That weight loss thing on holiday never really happens does it?!!

We did all the usual tourist stuff whilst we were there… Beverly Hills…

Iconic Beverly Hills sign
Iconic Beverly Hills sign

Rodeo Drive…

Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive

Route 66

Route 66
Route 66

… but my favourite but was Venice Beach Pier…. Not as touristy as Santa Monica Pier.. It seemed a bit more where the locals went… to fish for food to eat for dinner..

Gone fishin'
Gone fishin’

And they seemed quite good at it!

Two little fishies...
Two little fishies…

…. Some things were just like home though

The surfers (although more sun tanned in Santa Monica than in Tynemouth… Oh, yes…. and better looking too!)

Surfer dude..
Surfer dude..
Surfer dudes friend....
Surfer dudes friend….

And the seagulls … No rest from them!

The ubiquitous Seagull!
The ubiquitous Seagull!

This one looks just like the one that tap dances on our roof at home!

California Dreaming...
California Dreaming…

…Mmmmm.. California Dreaming….

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2 thoughts on “California Dreaming….

  1. Ahhh I also loved Venice Beach Pier, and I remember this little bit you have photographed well! Unfortunately the little café was closed when I was there, but the food looks delish! x

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