From Something Blue…. to I Do….

Our friends, Sarah and Andrew tied the knot just over a month ago in New York City… Unfortunately we wern’t there to witness the ‘I Do’ part …. But we did see the ‘Something Blue’ part…

Saturday was the UK wedding Party, an intimate little affair at Nancy’s Bordello ….The sun was shinning as we sipped Bellini’s and nibbled canapés under the bright blue skies of Newcastle until the Bride and Groom made their entrance.

And Wow! Did Sarah look gorgeous in her Valentino dress and blue sparkly shoes….


The speeches were funny…


Andrew works in PR.. And “boy” can he talk! Not shy at all with a microphone in his hand showing off his new blue suit.


Sarah’s ‘pet name’ for Andrew is ‘The boy’… Think he should be upgraded to ‘man’ now they’re hitched personally!


It was all rather tasteful – beautiful blue thistle buttonhole..


… And clearly well thought through, right down to the blue accessories worn by Sarah…


… And finally came the “first dance” – that was pretty blue too!!


…get a room!!

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