And now for something completely different…

A short video interview with Don McCullin by Alfred Dunhill.
Well worth a watch.
One of my favourite photographers.

I came across the interview quite by accident…. But glad I did!

Just spent a ‘happy hour’ looking at some of his work again.

[Source for quotes by McCullin – Interview by Sean O’Hagan in The Observer 7 February 2010]

Don McCullin is most famous for his war photography and images of human hardship.

He prints his own photographs. Has he ever developed a print and been shocked by the result?

“The albino boy,” he says, without hesitation, referring to his 1969 image of a starving Biafran child clutching an empty corned beef tin. “The day I came across that boy was a killer day for me. There were 800 dying children in that schoolhouse. The boy is near death. He is trying to support himself. And to see this kind of pathetic photographer appear with a Nikon around his neck …”

Don McCullin 1969 Biafra
Don McCullin 1969 Biafra

He falls silent again for a moment. “Some times it felt like I was carrying pieces of human flesh back home with me, not negatives. It’s as if you are carrying the suffering of the people you have photographed.”

Currently McCullin concentrates on photographing Somerset landscapes… But these are not what you would expect… No blue skies and fluffy clouds… Very dark and bleak… A hangover from years of photographing death and destruction perhaps…. Haunting… But genius.

Don McCullin Somerset Landscapes
Don McCullin Somerset Landscapes

I love his work… Do you?

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