Pretty as a picture….

Ooo I do love a good wedding – especially when there are lots of little details to photograph – and wow, were there loads at Sam & Tony’s wedding! So I was in my element.

...just love shooting the details in my mini portable studio...
…just love shooting the details in my mini portable studio…
.... It was emotional.....
…. It was emotional…..

It goes without saying brides look good on their wedding day – but honestly….. Sam just looked stunning – a real classic beauty……

... So beautiful...
… So beautiful…

That said, shooting the “Bride getting ready” was a bit of a challenge I have to admit.

I always, always, always make a plan in advance and visit the venue. … but it’s a wedding … and things never go exactly to plan …. so you have to adapt and think on your feet. There were a lot of people in the room with the bride …. A couple more than I had anticipated …. So no room for the studio lighting equipment that I had brought along…

The only available light was a small window at the far end of the room….. so Sam perched on the arm of the sofa, I climbed on to the back of the sofa, balancing precariously….and we shot this with the help of two of her bridesmaids holding the vail in front of my camera …. this is what we got…

.... So romantic ....
…. So romantic ….

I think it has an ‘old fashioned Hollywood star’ look to it…. What do you think?

And whilst Sam looked beautiful – unfortunately the weather wasn’t so beautiful….. it was an outdoor wedding in the North West of England with no shelter for the guests if it rained… and with 10 minutes to go… Yep, you guessed… it was pouring with rain….. so what did the bride do? ….. said a little prayer…..


“Somebody” must have been listening because with minutes to go the sun came out!


… and at that point I felt it was appropriate to leave them alone….. 🙂


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