It’s “Go for Launch”!

Yes – that’s launch not lunch.

If I knew how to add music to this blog – I would – probably a big drum roll and a “Ta da” at the end would suffice I think.

But, I don’t …so …. I’ll just go for a big “woo hoo!!!” instead…. And why all the fuss you ask?

Because ……

My Alison Spedding Photography website is now “live”!!

…just in time for my next pre-wedding shoot this weekend of Sam and Tony – so I am well ‘chuffed’ with Helen at Empathy Design – she has done a brilliant job getting it done so quickly for me! It looks so much better than my old website. 🙂 🙂

I’ll be able to put the images from Sam & Tony’s shoot in their own Password Protected Gallery instead of having to put them on a disc and post them! Ahh the wonders of technology and specifically …..‘Drop box’…. Love it!

So this weekend I’m off on a bit of a cross country trek – a 3 hour drive west, from Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East to Warrington in the North West.

On Saturday I’ll be shooting the close-up shots of the rings and jewellery for Sam & Tony’s wedding in my mini portable studio.

Then on Sunday we are off to the hotel where they will be getting married on 22 March – a beautiful Tudor Hotel in Cheshire to check out some good locations to take the shots, with a little bit of practice of the Mr & Mrs shots for their big day.

So today I’ve been packing up my photography kit, props and …… umbrellas because it will be raining … a lot… all weekend in fact …. great!

The hazards of shooting weddings in the North West of England – it is always cold and raining!!

I thought that we were going to be one step ahead of the game this time though……Our personalised Company fleeces were supposed to arrive today, in the new grey/maroon colour scheme, complete with Company logo – so at least this time we wouldn’t be cold! But they haven’t turned up 😦

So … as I said … “It’s go for launch” well maybe now I do actually mean lunch …. All we need now is some bubbly and a party to celebrate!

I think that can be easily arranged.

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2 thoughts on “It’s “Go for Launch”!

    1. You are welcome Helen. You did a brilliant job. I have had loads of feedback saying how professional the site looks. Really impressed at how quickly you got it sorted for me!

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