I’ve been marooned!

Did you hear about the red ship and the blue ship that collided?

The crew are believed to be marooned somewhere.

(groan)… the ‘old ones are the best’ aren’t they!

Well my website has been “marooned” too.

It’s the colour that I have chosen for my new wedding photography website …..after going through what seems like the entire rainbow before I settled upon it…. But I think it works really well – and when the website is ready, I am looking forward to sharing it with you. I hope you will let me know what you think of the site and the colour scheme.

My website colours

So … the site is almost finished – just the all-important “Contact Me” page to go and then I’ll be up and running.

I’m trying to get some new images together to put on it – I’ve recently done a mini-shoot on Newcastle’s Quayside with Sarah for the Portraits Page. It was a bit cold, wet and windy (what’s new about that).

Here are a few shots of Sarah from that shoot …… what do you think?




Hey, and Sarah is not just a pretty face (and you have to admit she is that) – she is a talented and ‘crafty’ girl …. Plus she has a blog.

In fact her blog was the first blog I’d ever read – http://www.evamarie.co – worth a read (whoa …hold your horses there people ….keep reading MY blog before you go to Sara’s blog please!)

Anyhow, it got me thinking I’d like to have a go at that blogging thing …. And so here I am five blogs in ….still blog, blog, blogging along!!

I’m finding it quite difficult if I’m being honest – juggling social media is so time consuming isn’t it?

There’s Facebook…. Pinterest …. Flickr….LinkedIn …. this blog – oh, and then I have to actually take the odd photograph every so often of course.

Don’t mention Twitter to me though I really do not ###*### understand that at all!

I do ‘get it’ though on all the other stuff ….and I actually ‘love’ some of it.

Pinterest is a particular favourite of mine…. I get a warm and fussy feeling inside when somebody pins one of my photographs, or “Likes” my Facebook page, or I get another visitor to my blog (over 100 the last time I looked by the way) …. So a “big thank you” if any of them were actually you!

l set myself a little target 4 weeks ago to increase the number of “likes” of my Alison Spedding Photography Facebook page from 40 to 50 by the time my 50th birthday arrives on 6th May….. I should have set my sights a little higher than an extra 10 – I have had 7 “likes” to my Facebook page this week so far.

Ahhh it’s the little things that make me happy 🙂

Published by speddinga

Photographer based in North Tyneside, UK - Event, Portrait, website. My website is www.NorthTynesidePhotographer.Wordpress.com AlisonSpeddingPhotography@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “I’ve been marooned!

    1. Too kind! I’ve just been reading a few of your recent blogs… No idea how you have the time to blog so frequently… And be so interesting at the same time. Clever girl!

      1. How kind thanks… I committed to blog every day during the January WordPress zero to hero challenge… And enjoyed it so much decided to do one every day in feb, either photo or writing, just to keep developing as a blogger. No real editing just write so very fast… And am finding it a good relaxant .. Bit my gym visits are suffering! March and maybe less … Anyway thanks for you kind comments

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