The bottle of wine worked!!!

It helped to oil the grey matter and I now have the beginnings of what Baldrick might say “a cunning plan” and therefore, as I would say… “I have a shed load of work ahead of me”!

My business cards arrived today, my new Alison Spedding Photography website is coming along nicely, and I have started to get some brand new images together for it.

I have a pre-wedding shoot organised for 22 February, a 5 hour photography shoot planned at Doxford Hall with models on March 9th, followed very shortly afterwards by the wedding of Sam and Tony in Cheshire on 22 March… So plenty of new images for the website on the way.

It’s all coming together nicely, thank you very much!

Hey… Can you keep a secret?


Well I’ll just say this then….

I have a “little” project planned which I am really excited about it…. Still formulating ideas on how I am going to tackle it … but it will be something that I have never attempted before, something well out of my comfort zone…. But…. “In for a penny” and all that…. Ooooo…Maybe another bottle of wine would help!

So watch this space as they say (“they” say a lot don’t they!)

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