WWW.Cold Mountain

The ‘check in’ this week is not from Newcastle upon Tyne, but from The Italian Alps.

To be specific, in case you’re familiar with the area….. A small town called Bardonecchia near Turin.

And why is that you are thinking? …. because I am on holiday…skiing! Yea!

In fact… Close your eyes, and picture this… I’m sat in a mountain top cafe, in front of a roaring log fire sipping a cafe latte, nibbling on a bar of chocolate… Blogging!

But why aren’t I skiing you ask? ‘Cos it’s freezing outside.. that’s why!! And every girl deserves the odd cup of coffee and chocolate!

Who would have thought, that at nearly 3,000 meters up a pretty much deserted mountain I would be able to get an Internet connection on my I-pad?

There really is a World Wide Web …. and I am well a truly caught up in it!

And, as I sit here blogging … my own personal little corner of the web is being stitched together back at home by Helen at ‘Empathy Design’… She is weaving together a website for my new venture Alison Spedding Photography. I am so excited to see what progress she has made.

The other part of this new Photographic venture of mine is my reflector wielding husband, Keith. He makes sure that we get lovely ‘catch lights’ in the eyes for the portrait shots…. Plus he carries all my cameras, lenses, tripod, mono pod and props, and drives me to and from shoots.

An invaluable support wouldn’t you say? So he’s having a cafe latte and chocolate too!

Any how, my mind has now ‘wandered’ (I do a lot of that) to a very large bottle of wine that is currently chilling in the fridge back at our apartment for this evening.

We intend to drink it whilst mulling over a marketing plan for the business….. Mmmmm…. perhaps we’d better not drink all of it, otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a plan now would it?!!

I need to come up with a whole bunch of ideas as to how I promote my business in Newcastle and get it off the ground…..

…. But if nothing comes out of the meeting this evening… Maybe I’ll just pop another bottle of the local wine in the fridge for tomorrow night and try working those little grey cells all over again!

In fact, hey… We’re here all week… I could just keep on trying every night!

I’ve heard the local Italian wine is really rather good… so it would be rude not to sample a few of them!

Now that IS a plan…

Anybody got any better ideas?


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