“To Blog or not to blog that is the question”

(to quote a modern day Shakespeare)…..

Words don’t come naturally to me to be honest – I’m a photographer – not a writer (but I guess Shakespeare wouldn’t have said that bit though eh?!).

So I’m sitting here ‘wondering’ why I feel I should blog…. This is the second post in a week – so I guess I didn’t ‘wonder’ about it too long, did I!

And I see I am not alone in my ‘wondering’ – there seem to be a few blogs out there from people asking the same questions….

“Am I doing it right?”, “Am I saying too much, or not enough?”, “Is it in the right tone?”, “Are my blogs interesting enough?”… and yay …the BIG question “Will anybody read my blog?”

…… Pretty much the same thoughts are running around in my head!

And then there’s even more ‘wondering’ …. even if anybody actually reads it – will they comment on it? Will I get any feedback? Or am I just talking to myself?

I talk to myself a lot actually – so no change there then I suspect!

So I’m going to bite the bullet – give it a go ….and see where it takes me – can’t do any harm…. (can it?)

But before I do …. can I just ask other bloggers out there in the blogosphere three things:-

• “How do you do it right, how much should I say, what sort of tone should I use?”

• “Has anybody read this blog? Do you know that I even exist?”

• “Who will be the first to comment on my blog?”

I’m feeling a bit like Ripley in Alien – you know, the scene at the end ….

Ripley: Final report of the commercial starship Nostromo, third officer reporting. The other members of the crew, Kane, Lambert, Parker, Brett, Ash and Captain Dallas, are dead. Cargo and ship destroyed. I should reach the frontier in about six weeks. With a little luck, the network will pick me up. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.
[to Jonesy the cat]
Ripley: Come on, cat.

So ….I’m just asking “Is there anybody out there?”

This is Alison ….. blogging from Alison Spedding Photography …signing off.

Published by speddinga

Photographer based in North Tyneside, UK - Event, Portrait, website. My website is www.NorthTynesidePhotographer.Wordpress.com AlisonSpeddingPhotography@gmail.com

11 thoughts on ““To Blog or not to blog that is the question”

  1. Hello, Alison. I came from the Community Pool.

    How do you do it right? Two possible answers. One is to sound expert. I love http://cauldronsandcupcakes.com/ who has a lot of comments and likes, showing her popularity. She does Energy healing and personal growth, and says she does this well. I believe her.

    Then again, I also love http://roughseasinthemed.wordpress.com/ a journalist, who writes in her own natural style and comments on a lot of other blogs. So she has built up a community of reciprocity,

    I tend to feel that if you try to affect a particular style in order to please a particular audience you will put more people off than attract.

    Then again, here you are writing something which all bloggers can relate to.

    Write what you like. Then think about what you want to do with it.

  2. Enjoyed your blog….and great to have this opportunity at 50 you described in your other blog! Wish you luck!
    I’ve decided to write through a blog because I’m enjoying it … But like you know that a bit if feedback from others helps!
    So guess keep going if you are enjoying it…

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